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Shillong-Jowai - NH, beautiful clear blue sky and backdrop of greenery, is soothing to the eyes

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Nongthymmai, close to Indo-Bangla border, the beauty never ends

access to this place is via the Pynursla-Dawki Road, just after Pomshtia
you can cross over to Lapalang and then take a hike of 15 mins

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A cold foggy winter morning, at Assam Don Bosco University, Azara

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The closer you are to nature, the healthier you will be

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Beautiful sunset - taken at my residence

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Ummulong - Just few kilometer before reaching Jowai.

Welcome to My Site

What you see is what you Get

After a long gap, I did get a chance to overhaul this website. The site was in beta for quite some months. In the process of bringing everything under one hood, I did manage to club together my main site with the blog (previously residing at blog.fdiengdoh.com). As such the identity is preserved to an extend that seems like its just one website.

The major overhaul is on the looks of the website rather than the content of it. So, if you are looking for something new, there is a new article- How to set up Website at low cost and few tutorials – Tutorial. So take a peek at those.

On another note, the gallery section is changed a bit compared to the old one, while all the old galleries are migrated here too. New ones are also there, so head to Gallery and take a look. And also the popular Tibetan Test is up and running and with a new added feature – email the results. Many wanted to get the results in their email address, so, I added a functionality to send a copy of the result to yourself. Go ahead try it at The Tibetan Personality Test.

Thank you and Enjoy the site.

Love & Marriage

Love and Marriage
It was a journey that started on the 13th June, 2011. I was appointed as a Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, St. Anthony’s College. I was asked by the Principal to join the post on the
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Our Loving Family

Loving family
I hail from a rather remote area of Meghalaya. We are six brothers and two sisters together. Grew up at Nongpyndeng, did my schooling at Sibsingh Memorial Government HSS.
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A New Blessing

A New Blessing
By God's grace a baby boy was born to us on 5th February 2013. This brings us a new beginning, a change, love and energy. We named him "Chwame Deron Lynser".
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The Wedding

wedding photos
On 20th January, 2012
we took our vow,
"For better or Worse
till death do us part..."
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